Our Home

Our Home

“Wiatrak” classes, workshops, meetings and other events take place in the unique interiors of the Jubilee House of John Paul II at 7 Bołtucia Street. This is where we host children, teenagers, adults, the disabled, seniors and mothers with babies.

The idea for the construction of the house was initiated by the World Youth Day in 2000. A year later we went to Pope John Paul II with plans, and when he saw them, he said: “I’m happy, build it” and blessed the cornerstone.

It is the only such house in Poland and in the world. Here, each floor represents a different space for human development. Pictures of John Paul II by Arturo Mari, hang everywhere and are carefully chosen to suit every space.


Here we develop a spiritual sphere – there is a chapel, a garden room, an art workshop, and a fireplace room. Here there are also the Archives of Teaching and Life of Saint John Paul II.


Here we care for the development of the intellectual sphere – there is a computer lab, lecture rooms, a conference room and a kindergarten.


This is a place where we care about the psychological sphere. Here you can make an appointment with a psychologist, psychiatrist, lawyer or coach. There is also an event hall (concerts, performances, film screenings, etc.) and an artistic café and restaurant “Młynek”.


Here we develop the physical sphere – in the basement there are rooms for exercises and fitness classes, hydrotherapy and physical therapy rooms.

John Paul II spoke about the harmony between these four spheres and we want to pursue the concept in our house. A Place which is a meeting place for children, youth, adults, the disabled or seniors in various activities from workshops to concerts.
The whole object has nearly 3.5 thousand square meters.