About us

About us

The main goal of “Wiatrak” Foundation is to support people in every step of their life condition. We believe that with the help of Saint John Paul II and Mother Theresa from Calcuta, we all can achieve full joy in discovering human dignity and become a mature, responsible gift to one another.


The “Wiatrak” Foundation is a public benefit organization whose main idea is to implement the teachings of Saint John Paul II, which talks about human development on four levels: physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual. In “Wiatrak” we create a space where every person, regardless of age, health or life situation, can expand their knowledge, develop talents and discover the joy of being a gift for another human being.


Wiatrak was born on July 1 1995. Initially, it was a Catholic Cultural Centre, an educational, non-profit institution situated in the parish of Mother Mary, Queen of Martyrs. Since 2003, “Wiatrak” became a foundation registered in National Court Register as an NGO.

Everything began with a young people initiative, from Diocesan Centre of Academic Chaplaincy “Martyria”, who, together with Prelate Zygmunt Trybowski, wanted to build a hospitable space where people could develop and discover good in themselves. They set the first steps that we continue today.


John Paul’s  personalistic  approach to the human focuses on educating a person in such a way that they are aware of one’s values ​​and are mature at all levels of development. The Polish Pope distinguishes four such areas: intellectual, physical, psychological and spiritual.

This has laid the foundations for our mission. Whether it is a child, a teenager or an elderly person we want to support people at every area and stage of their development. “Wiatrak” provides a unique opportunity for people to find their goals and to fulfill themselves, both individually and socially. By our actions, we also want to make people aware of the importance of respecting human rights such as: dignity, freedom and respect.


  • promotion and maintenance of values ​​related to Polish culture,
  • Promoting educational values
  • Family-oriented, charity, sport and recreational activity
  • Raising public awareness about environmental protection and health care

We do not define the exact age range for those who join our activities – people come to “Wiatrak” regardless of their age. Classes are also adapted to people’s physical condition, their challenges, interests and passions.


  1. Education
  2. Coulture
  3. Social integration
  4. Counseling Center
  5. International cooperation

In the upbringing of a person, the point is to become more and more human – that is to BE more, and not only to HAVE more, so that through everything one has they can, more and more fully, be a human being. Thus, a person can not only be WITH the second but also FOR the second.

Pope John Paul II

For 17 years, the location of “Wiatrak” was the Parish House, however, due to the growing range of activities and the greater needs of the public, it was decided to create a building that meets the requirements of the environment.

After the World Youth Days in 2000, a group of ambitious people, connected to “Wiatrak” with all their hearts, was inspired to build a new space. This is how the new building was started. To commemorate the amazing experience of theworldwide encounter with the Popeit was namedJubilee House.

The building was designed according to the  personalistic  concept of a man proclaimed by St John Paul II – each floor corresponds to a different sphere of human development: spiritual, intellectual, psychological and physical. It is the only such House in Poland, and in the world, where the concept of  personalistic  approach is put into action.